In Search of Almighty Voice

In Search of Almighty Voice

In May 1897, Almighty Voice, a Willow Cree, died when the Mounties shelled his hiding place. Since then, his violent death has spawned a succession of conflicting stories, plays, and a film. Why? Because the Willow Cree man mattered.

Understanding why he mattered has a direct bearing on reconciliation efforts today.

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Truth and Beauty in the Canadian Rockies

Truth and Beauty in the Canadian Rockies

Walter J. is considered one of the most accomplished watercolourist artists Canada has ever produced. Through the skillful superimposition of many layers of transparent water colours, he created images of great beauty, subtlety and depth.
Lisa Christensen takes the art off the wall and presents it in the context of the magnificent locations that inspired its creation.


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Sharing Our Truths: Tapwe

Sharing Our Truths: Tapwe

Hear from Henry and Eileen Beaver and their children talk about important cultural experiences, tell stories, and share their wisdom and truths with compassion.

Learn the protocols for building a tipi, trapping a beaver, laying the grandfather stones for a fire, smudging, and harvesting salt from the Salt Plains in Wood Buffalo National Park.

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Bill Waiser

Bill Waiser

2018 Royal Society of Canada winner

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